As we seek to enhance the quality of living in the 21st century, the concept of kitchen design is also taking on new dimensions, with emphasis on style, technology and convenience. Platinum Prado is a design specialist in premium kitchenware and promises to redefine the meaning of elegance and sophistication in the kitchen……

Platinum Prado is an established brand name for fine dining and premium kitchenware and utensils. Unlike other companies, we meticulously select our products based on uniqueness, good taste and design as we believe that the preferences of the new consumer generation have become more sophisticated over the years. We are therefore relentless in sourcing for a wide range of designer products globally, with predilection for the European style and taste.

We are the sole distributor in Singapore for brands H.S.S.C, Portofino Yacht Club, Press Inox and HSSC-Mepra as well as Sirena.

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About H.S.S.C

The Hotel Ship Supplying Manufacturers Consortium (H.S.S.C) is a leader in the production of various commercialized steel product brands. As the parent company of several brands that specialize in different areas, namely Portofino Yacht Club, Press Inox and HSSC-Mepra, H.S.S.C has for generations worked with highly qualified Italian partners. H.S.S.C was born from a long entrepreneurial tradition in steel object manufacturing.

Thanks to these synergies with highly qualified partners with whom it has collaborated for generations, H.S.S.C is able to offer a full spectrum of services from the design to the finished product, ensuring prompt and 100% customer satisfaction through ad-hoc customizations according to specific needs.


The Bet family has been running this business since the 19th century.

Giovanni Bet, head of the family, migrated to Peru in the late 1800s where he started the first cutlery trading company, Cuchilleria Bet.

Upon his return to Italy in the early years of the 1900, Giovanni Bet founded in Genoa the first cutlery shop in the prestigious Gallery Mazzini, which was later developed by his son, Enrico and his nephew, Giovanni and continued to exist till today.

After the World War II in 1956, Press Inox, a production company of steel objects, was acquired. The challenge then was to venture into the nautical sector and so H.S.S.C was born a few years later with the aim of reunifying manufacturers (who collaborated historically with Press Inox) under one single group in order to offer a wide range of products at attractive prices. In this way, the production of stainless steel products for cruise ships, yachts and the hotel sector developed.

有悠久商业传统的钢制造。BET家族一直管理业务从第十九世纪时,创始人Giovanni Beth迁移到秘鲁,在那里,他建立了第一个餐具贸易公司,Cuchilleria bet 回到意大利在本世纪初,Giovanni在热亚那创立了著名的Via XX Settembre。这个餐具店,一直存在到今天。商店后来被转移到新的位置上在Galleria Mazzini,被他的儿子Enrico和他孙子Giovanni.继续发展。

二战后,1956年,收购一家特殊钢生产公司 Press Inox。这一时期工业复兴和Press Inox品牌产品深受他们的创新和完善的设计。Press Inox因此决定,开始供应船舶初期市场。由于其市场灵活性和针对性,因此很容易被意大利和国外船厂所意识到成为重要的选择和受欢迎的品牌。

从一开始其杰作远渡重洋的形式,著名的船舶如“queens”的海,Michelangelo and Raffaello,,这是国家艺术的意大利航空公司。以其庞大令人钦佩客运舰队队,意大利公司把“意大利制造”品牌从世界的这一端到另一端,使战后人们羡慕。


产生一个由生产商称为酒店船舶供应厂商联盟会(h.s.s.c.船)提供广泛的产品和继续确保有竞争力的价格。Press Inox,HSSC-Mepra and Portofino Yacht club统一聚集在一起生产不锈钢产品为豪华游轮,游艇和酒店业的迅速发展,改进生产。 今天,Franco Bet继续家族传统,不断创新工艺结合现代经营管理理念,一直重视产品细节,表面处理工艺和材料的选用。此外,与定制能力,其产品,h.s.s.c成功会不断增加和具体的需求的目标市场。


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