Word from the Nutrition Expert


With the introduction of modern developments, exposure to western concepts and availability of resources, we now find ourselves engaged in constant busy work, with more opportunities to fine outside of the home. 

As a consequence, correct eating habits tend to be neglected and the frequency of chronic diseases become increased. A healthy eating habit is essential in the prevention and control of such diseases. 

The cooking class introduces the correct methods in preparing meals for the modern man. I trust you will find this class enjoyable and helpful in eating towards a healthy you!



西风东渐, 在物质充裕, 工做忙碌的生活下,外食机会剧增, 正确饮食知识被忽视,慢性病的频率亦随着上升, 提倡合乎健康之饮食习惯以预防慢性病及辅助治疗慢性病当务之急。


我们的课程为现代人提供正确之餐点制作方式, 希望您能借此获得生活的乐趣,享受健康美食。


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