The Hotel Ship Supplying Manufacturers Consortium (H.S.S.C) is a leader in the production of stainless steel. As the parent company of several brands that specialize in different areas, namely Portofino Yacht Club, Press Inox and HSSC-Mepra, H.S.S.C has for generations worked with highly qualified Italian partners. Thanks to these synergies, H.S.S.C is able to offer a full spectrum of services from the design to the finished product, ensuring prompt and full client satisfaction through ad-hoc customizations according to specific needs.


The Original HSSC Product

Manufacturer from Italy

HSSC - A Consortium Strong As Steel


All Forms of Steel

H.S.S.C. produces articles and accessories belonging to the different sectors: from the elements for the kitchen, living room and bathroom (pots and pans used in major hotel chains and cruise ships around the world, as well as solutions for the bathrooms on board) to the stainless steel engravings on yachts and boats, often installed in the first establishment of the most prestigious brands, and not forgetting the steel signs for commercial sales.


The group has developed a network of collaboration with some of the most famous Italian designers, as well as young talented designers, thus becoming the protagonist of “Made in Italy”. The objects for the kitchen, the table and the interior decor, while adapting to the changing habits of life, respect the rules of education, tradition and culture of our people who, everyday and at all latitudes, are displaying through fashion, design and cuisine, the true essence and significance of the Italian Life Style.


Special attention paid to the intrinsic quality (use of the best materials, high degree of thickness and precision in polishing and finishing), functionality and aesthetics (design) of all articles, together with the meticulousness of production, provides an unparalleled standard which is also affirmed by the process certification, product and project. All of the products are subject to thorough control checks before being stored in the warehouse.

For years, H.S.S.C. is committed to research into new materials, processes and applications, as well as the study of a design that incorporates the most ergonomic and functional forms, and the development of new production systems that are ecofriendly in light of qualitative and technological evolution.





A historical brand born in the early ‘60s, it handles stainless steel items with a view to 360 degrees production, starting from the design by the internal engineering office to the supply that is accurate in every detail. Press Inox is a leader in the restaurant, big community hospital and cruise markets where it is known worldwide as a reference and partner for every technological product on board. The range of products offered is one of the widest, from onboard sinks mounted on major cruise ships such as Walt Disney and Princess Cruises to bathroom furnishings, barbeque and specialized maritime items.



MIRROR SINK, SINKS FOR SMALL SPACES. As the latest product innovation, it is a new fold-away basin that, once closed, can function as a mirror (thanks to the polished steel surface). This innovation has been studied for a long time and allows for a comfortable and spacious sink in very small spaces such as a cabin crew - thanks to a depth of only 15 cm - while preserving the aesthetics of the boat.

Press Inox

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With the objective of developing a “Luxury Art” which is needed to address the demanding and exclusive clientele of the grand yacht, hotel specialty shops and prestigious restaurants, HSSC-MEPRA was born, with its assortment of more than 10,000 recommendations to furnish the house, the kitchen and the table, and satisfy different tastes and lifestyles.



THE ART OF HSSC-MEPRA. HSSC-MEPRA products can also be found in today’s most important museums of modern art. This makes the brand HSSC-MEPRA a guarantee in time.


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HSSC Factory - Bottom robot 3

HSSC Factory - Induction bottom machine

It is a brand developed by a branch of Press Inox, specialized in “custom made ”collections through the development of new technologies of laser cutting and surface protection. It has produced for many ship owners logos and names of boats that ply the seas from the U.S. to Japan, from South America to the countries of Northern Europe. Every year, Portofino Yacht Club provides its customers with new collections without fail, thanks to numerous collaborations with external designers and a renowned engineering department.



LESS STORAGE SPACE Developed by the technical department of the Portofino Yacht Club, the new set of pots “Super America™”, thanks to its small size and new patented handles, allows for all the elements essential for cooking in a small space. Each item is prepared for cooking on induction source, giving a considerable saving on consumption.